Hopkins County Mother Arrested on Child Abuse

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the mother of the two children who authorities say were severely beaten by the man who was watching them.

Hannah Harrell was charged with two counts of second degree criminal abuse on a child 12 or under and taken to the Hopkins County Jail.

Her arrest comes on the same day Caleb Cobb – the man accused of inflicting those injuries on the children – waived his case to a grand jury.

The family of those two children expressed their outrage Cobb declined to appear in court this morning.

The one- and two-year-old victims are now out of the hospital, but family members say that Cobb not being in court in person only adds to their difficult time.

“I experienced anger, I’m disappointed, and I think he’s a coward for not showing up in court today,” Rose Burcham, the children’s grandmother described. “Why can’t he stand there and be a man and take the punishment?”

The heartbroken grandmother wanted to look upon the person accused of assaulting her grandchildren.

“He’s a coward. He’s a coward. To beat up on kids? You’re not a man. You’re less than a man,” she continued.

Intervention from Caleb Cobb’s lawyer denied that appearance. While representing the defendant, he told Hopkins County District Court that Cobb was electing to waive his case to the grand jury, and would not appear in open court.

“Your case is waived to the grand jury. Bond will remain at $500,000 dollars cash. He is a danger to the public,” Judge David Massamore told Cobb’s counsel.

Cobb is accused of causing injuries so severe to the small children he was said to be watching on August 9th that they needed critical emergency treatment out-of-state.

“My grand-kids were found by their mother at home, as far as my knowledge goes, beaten. She called 911 and the ambulance came. They life-flighted my youngest, my one-year-old to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. The other one was taken to Madisonville, which he was later life-flighted to Vanderbilt too.”

Rose says both children were left with brain bleeds and other injuries to the face and neck.

“I was shocked,” she recalled. “I never thought this could happen to us. We’re just a normal family. No kid deserves that. No kid.”

The injuries may follow these children through their lives–

“They’re going through OT and PT and speech. The youngest one, he had brain damage. He used to be able to walk, and he’s having trouble walking now.”

–and their grandmother wants to see Cobb’s life affected as well.

“I want him to go to prison for a long time. I want justice to be served.”

Cobb will remain in Hopkins County custody while his case is reviewed by the grand jury or his half million dollar bond is met.



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