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Hope Central Re-Opens Providing Basic Needs in Warrick County

Food, clothing, and a clear path to success is what most of us want, but for some it’s a more difficult road to travel. But thanks to groups like hope central, those less fortunate can get help with basic needs. They feel it’s a gift from a higher power.

“God led me here. I needed to be the hands and feet of God,” says Hope Central volunteer Dana Oakes.

Powerful words from one who knows the meaning of “hard times.”

For people like Dana Oakes, Hope Central is a ray of hope, a vision that wipes out their hunger and gets them on a road to better days ahead.

The doors to their new facility on west state road 62 in Boonville are now open to the Tri-State. Volunteers are ready to give people what they call a hand up, not a hand out.

“We served 78 families which converts to 203 people,” says Hope Central’s Director of Operations John Phillips.

“Just to be able to serve the clients with and concern with their needs and to be able to help them with other needs they possibly have,” said Oakes.

Clothing will be offered through a program called “Grace Garments”. A ministry called, “Bibs and bottles” will service mothers and infants.

“The clothing is free. The diapers wipes all of that nothing… We don’t charge for any of our services,” says Phillips.

The reach is wide.

“We don’t turn anyone away so literally we get people from Henderson, Kentucky, Illinois, it’s all over,” says Phillips.

And the need is even greater.

“If they are a Warrick County resident they qualify for additional food through a program we participate in with the Tri-State Food Bank with the USDA,” says Phillips.

Hope Central wants to lift people out of poverty.

“I’ve also been in contact with the mayor and we are trying to get a bus stop put right in front of the church out front so people can come here,” says Phillips.

But, also show people several different paths to success.

Even in the midst of a downpour some hold fast to hope. There is a rainbow after a storm, and it leads to Hope Central.

“Come on out, help volunteer god will bless you big. You can feel humble by serving god’s people,” says Oakes.

Click here for a link to Hope Central, and click here for its Facebook page.

From Hope Central –

“June 17th Manna Market will be operating out of our new home located at 4205 West State Road 62 in Boonville, behind The Master’s Chapel. The hours will be 4pm until 7pm.

The following week, beginning Monday, June 24th Manna Market will be open on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 4pm until 7pm and on Thursday from 10am until 12 noon. The first Thursday we’ll be open is July 18th.

At this time neither Grace Garments or Bibs & Bottles Boutique will be open.”



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