‘Honesty’ Beecher Busted With Funny Money

A woman is facing a number of charges for using fake money in Indiana.

Honesty Beecher, 18, was arrested over the weekend for using fake 100-dollar bills at a number of stores in Franklin, Indiana.

This is the second counterfeit case in the last few weeks where police have found people using a large amount of fake money.

Police say whoever is making the funny money is finding a way to make the counterfeit cash pass the counterfeit marker test.

Authorities say a Kroger employee reported the fake money to police, and Beecher was found in a nearby store’s parking lot with nine fake 100-dollar bills and a number of receipts from other stores.

Beecher told police she got the fake money from a man near her apartments in Indianapolis.

If you think you may have been passed fake money for change, you can report that to police.

Zach Myers from our CBS/Fox-affiliate station in Indianapolis initially reported this story, and you can read the full report here.




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