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Hometown Heroes: Owensboro Fire Department

“You have to be prepared for almost anything so the challenge never ends.”

It’s a job that isn’t the easiest of tasks.

“When I first started at the fire department less than a thousand runs a year,” says Leonard. “We’re doing 8,000 runs a year now so a lot of that hinges on the fact that we’re doing a lot more EMS response.”

At Owensboro Fire Department, although it’s evolving, the passion for the job remains the same.

“The interaction that we have we each other and the bond that we have is just amazing,” says Clayton Tuma, firefighter.

“There’s not many jobs out there in the world where you can say everyday you come to work you get to make a difference in someones life,” says Jared Peacock, firefighter. “I think thats one of the best things about this job and thats what brings us back everyday.”

Night and day with shifts requiring 24 hours on and 48 hours off.

Calls can include rescues, fires, and everything in between, but EMS runs have gone down amid this pandemic.

“When we do get the opportunity to save a life or something like that it really kind of brings you back and makes you think this is why it’s all worth it,” says Peacock.

Talking with the Owensboro Fire crew, it’s clear how much they truly love what they do each day.

“Getting to get up everyday and come into work and make a difference in my community and serve the community I grew up in and just give back to the community that has given so much to me,” says Peacock.

Their dedication to each other and the community makes the Owensboro Fire Department this week’s Hometown Heroes.

“This is a job that we do, most people given the circumstances if they had the opportunity to help someone and thats what we do,” says Leonard. “We help our community we are out there to provide that service and it’s important pleasure and an honor to d that.”



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