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Hometown Heroes: The Cowan Brothers

Two men are using their family business to give back to the Tri-State.

“It’s not even a job,” says Zebb Cowan. “It’s a passion.”

It’s a family business more than 20 years in the making.

“We’ll haul anything,” says Cowan. “We do van trailers like this, we do flat beds, tanks, and we’ll load and go anywhere.”

At Silver Creek Transportation in Henderson, the Cowan brothers can be found hard at work.

“Come in about 7 o’clock in the morning, stay here and make sure everything is right on track,” says Cowan.

The 21 and 23-year-old brothers say their job has become a part of them.

“I like trucking,” says Cowan. “I grew up, was in it, it was stressful, was always doing it and now the older I get I realize it is fun. We’re all in this together. It allows you to open many doors for you. A lot of opportunities to do what you want to do.”

And although their time behind the wheel keeps them busy, it’s how they spend the remainder of their time that is truly making the difference.

“We make sure the work is done first then we go and do what we need to take care of,” says Cowan.

The brothers say their belief is to use the resources they have to help others, mostly kids, not only in their community, but the entire Tri-State.

“They do whatever is necessary,” says Valerie Gentry, coworker. “They never back peddle. They completely follow through. Their resources are available to the community and to the kids, especially the kids.”

“We did a Relay for Life trailer which was for all the cancer ribbons on it,” says Cowan. “It’s just pretty much something that’s in, we’ve just always what we been about.”

The young men have let others borrow their semis including local high school bands helping to transport their instruments and equipment all free of cost.

The two work to help one person each month in need.

Just recently a little boy passed away in their town. He loved playing with toy trucks and tractors.

Zane and Zebb without hesitation, donated a truck to lead the funeral procession in honor of him.

“They step forward because they want to,” says Gentry. “Not because they have to.”

The brothers say it’s the little acts that make the biggest difference because you never know who may need a lending hand.

“You help your neighbor out and maybe when you need help they’ll help you out,” says Cowan. “It’s just how you have to look at it.”



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