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Hometown Hero: Sally Potts

A Tri-State woman makes it her mission to help other people around the world.

She’s helping countless women with something many people might take for granted.

“There are so many aspects to making these. That is a waterproof lining,” says Sally Potts.

Potts has been going on missionary trips for more than two decades getting back this week from her latest trip to Africa.

She has spent countless hours in her sewing room at Zion Baptist Church in Henderson making bags for women and girls around the globe.

Her non-profit is called Small Beginnings.

“The lady came up to me and said ‘Mama Sally we need sanitary towels,” says Potts.

With other local women, they each take a part in the process making the products that are also reusable.

“A basic feminine need,” says Potts. “A need that I overlooked the last 25 years.”

Each kit costs nearly ten dollars and all the money comes from donations.

But for Potts, it was her worldly encounters that opened her eyes to what women experience when they are menstruating.

“There is a separate hut where they go to sit on a piece of cardboard until they are finished,” says Potts. “Or like in Vietnam, they have little palettes. These are the villages, but even in the cities what it would cost for this kit is what they would cost for a month.”

A realization that brings tears to her eyes, especially when talking to the women and girls.

“We gave some of these kits out and then they ask ‘what is the thing you are most grateful for?’ and she said so can stand,” says Potts. “That she could stand.”

Potts says she hopes to make the products for women experiencing homelessness in the Tri-State, but in the meantime she says she hopes to continue empowering and educating women and girls for years to come.

“It’s important,” says Potts. “There is nothing that you can do, any kind of kindness, that you can do for someone else that does not make a difference. Make a difference in eternity because they will remember.”



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