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Hometown Hero: Katelyn Kline of Mount Carmel

For students, the end of the school year is almost here, but due to COVID-19 students are completing their work from home just getting through the days.

“This started maybe three or four weeks ago,” says Katelyn Kline. “I’d say maybe more.”

Among those trying to pass the time, Katelyn Kline of Mount Carmel.

“I just thought like they need help.”

The 14-year-old says her Mom gave her the idea to start making face masks.

“She said you can totally do this,” says Kline. “And I was like maybe I could.’ So, two days later my grandma shows up with this bucket of materials, pins, threads, and I’m like this is happening.”

Katelyn says she balances her time giving most to school work, but the rest is spent sewing at her machine that has seen it’s fair share of history.

“This machine was passed down from my Great-Grandmother, my Grandmother, my mother, and now me,” says Kline. “It has had a few years.”

Katelyn’s average time per mask is around five minutes.

She has made several for family, friends, and area hospitals like Deaconess.

“I think I’ve made 113,” says Kline.

For the next few weeks, people across the country will continue wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While the days can seem never-ending, Katelyn has found something that not only brings her some joy, but can keep others safe.

“It’s so hard to explain,” says Kline. “You feel like you’re making this huge difference, but it’s just a simple act of kindness like one mask at a time. It’s just so simple and easy.”

Proof, even the youngest of us, can give a lesson on empathy.

“I really just hope to inspire people to take that step and just bring out your true self and help the world,” says Kline.



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