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Hometown Hero: Deputy and Poet Todd Schimmell

Many of us have different passions and talents, and sometimes those combine for a powerful impact.

For one Vanderburgh County man, he’s using his gift of writing to connect people throughout the Tri-State and beyond.

“I’ve adopted the word empathy. I think its the greatest thing in the world.”

Todd Schimmell has the gift of writing.

“I do have kind of a “rhymy” style to the way I write because I’ve spent so much time writing these children’s stories,” says Schimmell.

But the recently published author is also a School Resource Deputy with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, a job he’s been working at for years.

“The older I got, the more I thought maybe I can be that person that takes away that fear from people,” says Schimmell.

He works at various schools with children of all ages.

“I wanna see them smile,” says Schimmell. “That’s my number one thing. I want them to see me and smile so anything I can do to get a laugh, be sill, just let them know I am a person just like them and I’m here for them, and I’m here to protect them first and foremost.”

But this Deputy wanted to use his talent for the better. Through his poetry book “Nursery Rhymes for Humanity,” the message geared towards teens and adults.

“I put myself out there,” says Schimmell. “It was an internal feeling I was having. What else am I feeling that I’m not sharing with people that other people are feeling and how can I connect or how can we all connect together through something and just in a rhyming way to just to let your guard down a little bit more as well.”

Schmmell putting his thoughts and feelings down on paper.

“The first chapter is kind of on inner thoughts,” says Schimmell. “So focusing on that, that original poem of anxiety, what are people feeling? what is the great connector?”

His book touching on everything from people to life events including honoring his son Theo and the moments shared.

“And as he’s checking for a heartbeat or anything, Theo kind of waves him off, kind of like ‘give me a minute,’ and we had 45 minutes,” says Schimmell.

He’s sold more than 300 copies. Many proceeds going to local groups like Chemo Buddies and Autism Evansville.

Schimmell says he hopes his writing can help others and make a positive difference.

“That’s my main goal. Like let us be there. Let us protect everybody and we’re all ready for change,” says Schimmell. “This is one of the first times where I actually feel like everybody is kind of on board and that’s really, really cool, so we just gotta hang on and get through whatever is going on that’s really rough right now, but I think change is around the corner and I’m really excited about it.”



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