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Hometown Hero: AMR Paramedic Scott Hedrick

Health care workers are on the frontline fighting the spread against covid-19.

While people are isolated at home, first responders are staying busy at work.

“We’re all doing this for a reason. I mean, we’re all trying to help someone else out,” says Scott Hedrick, paramedic.

It’s a time many of us are trying to find a new normal. People all across the country are isolated in their homes as covid-19 continues to impact more and more communities.

But for frontline caregivers, this isn’t an option.

“A lot of part-time crew will come in and help alot, especially now with what’s going on, but usually it’s a 12 hour shift,” says Hedrick.

Hedrick has been helping others for more than two decades, but recently the job has become a bit tougher.

“It’s been a little more hectic,” says Hedrick. “Everybody is more on edge now with what’s going on so, keeping yourself clean and your truck clean and watching out for potential harm.”

Hedrick says when it comes to making runs, procedure has changed slightly amid the pandemic.

“A little bit more detailed questions, kind of more concerning how they’re feeling and what they may have been around,” says Hedrick.

Overall, Hedrick says he continues on with the job.

Within the last year, Scott has worked more than 1300 runs.

Just recently, he received honors as a Star of Life for his exceptional patient care and commitment during his career.

“That I’m able to help somebody when they’re at their worst,” says Hedrick. “An individual or crew that’s able to see past the dramatic scene and to take care of them the way their family would want them taken care of.”

Day-by-day Scott continues to ensure those in our community are taken care of, making him this week’s hometown hero.

“I’m proud of what I do,” says Hedrick. “I try to come to work, do the best that I can, and be a leader to those around me and be somebody that’s going to lead by example.”



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