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Homeowners Seek Help With Flooding

Homeowners in Henderson are voicing their frustration over flood damage they’ve been dealing with.

They say they need answers and don’t know where else to turn.

“We don’t know where else to go at this point.”

For homeowner Ron Inge, he’s been trying to find a solution to the problem for nearly a decade, but the issue is too big to handle alone.

“We’re just trying to find somebody to help us out,” says Inge.

Inge says the field at the end of his his street, which is in the county limits and privately owned, floods after a major rainfall seeping down to his home which is in the city limits.

“It looks like a river running through here,” says Inge.

He says over time the flooding has caused gradual damage to his home leaving him to spend thousands of dollars towards repairs.

“I had two feet of water under my house the last time we had the rain,” says Inge.

But for this frustrated homeowner, he says he has exhausted all his options for help trying to contact the property owner and city/county officials.

“We’re on our own,” says Inge. “That’s more or less what they’re telling us. There’s nothing they can do for us or going to do for us and we’re just going to have to go another avenue.”

Neighbor Roland Yorke says he’s tired of asking for help in finding a solution to the flooding and erosion.

“I had to put a pipe in the ground to make some of the run-off, but even then I did that 10 years ago and it’s getting worst,” says Roland Yorke, neighbor.

44News reached out to the land owner, but did not hear back.

Both Kentucky homeowners say they would like to see a ditch put in place on the city/county line between their homes and the farm, but until then, they say they are stuck in the middle and in need for help.

“We have to live there,” says Inge. “We can’t just up and move somewhere else and it irks me because the city doesn’t show any concern about that.”

44News reached out to the Henderson Water Utility and City officials who say the land is not their responsibility and they cannot work on the property unless they have the okay from the land owner.



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