Ongoing Floodgate Issues Concern Home and Business Owners

Owners of Vanderburgh County homes and businesses are looking for answers in regard to the ongoing issue of drivers attempting to bypass floodgates, even dumping trash and debris beyond the gates in some cases.

Drivers ignoring floodgates to gain faster access to Ellis Park or Evansville has been an ongoing issue for years.

Some even take things a step further, dumping junk and trash of all kinds past the floodgates.

Trash dumped beyond a floodgate

Stan Brown and his wife bought this river house in September 2019.

Tucked away behind the horse track, Brown says after just five short months, he’s fed up and ready for a change.

Riverhouse owned by Mr. and Mrs. Brown

“I still think the camera idea is the best. if we can mount cameras somewhere down Waterworks Road, maybe near the north end of Weinbach, we would have surveillance to keep people accountable,” Brown explained.

While the backside to Ellis Park near Weinbach and U.S. 41 has become a breeding ground for trash – at the opposite end of Weinbach near Interstate 69 sits a small business, equipped with hidden cameras.

Surveillance video from T.J. Trem, owner of Salvage Candy in Indiana, shows a maroon Chevy S10 pull up. The driver can be seen getting out of the vehicle, only to dump a TV and a recliner at the entrance of Trem’s business.

TV and recliner dumped at the entrance of Salvage Candy

“We’re just trying to nip it in the bud and catch them on camera. once they get caught, they’ll get a fine and a court date to go deal with it,” Trem said.

But it doesn’t stop there. Just days later in the middle of the night, two young men can be seen in a black Jeep Liberty SUV attempting to bypass a floodgate, only to get stuck on a pile of boulders – ultimately turning around to flee the scene.

Little did that driver know – he was right in from of Trem’s hidden camera.

“You can’t stop stupid people, you get these kids and they think they can just go around barricades and floodwaters, putting themselves at risk and putting first responders at risk if trying to get them if need be,” Trem said.

Law enforcement would like to remind the public: If you bypass floodgates or you dump debris illegally, you will be prosecuted.

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