Holiday Weight Gain And How To Avoid It

It’s all fun and games singing about Santa and his big belly until you look in the mirror and realize you may need to invest in reindeer and a sleigh.

In the midst of the holiday season, some people may notice the number on the scale starts to increase. Studies show that Americans on average gain one to two pound during the holiday months each year.

Research shows the added weight is not lost in the following months, meaning those additional pounds continuously add up over time.

A few ways to avoid gaining those extra pounds is by choosing healthier snacks amongst holiday sweets as well as getting in more physical activity.

During holiday parties, reach for the vegetables, fruits, and nuts and trey to avoid the sweet treats. Another way to keep the weight gain at bay is to exercise with friends or stay busy on your feet volunteering at local organizations dedicated to helping those in need during the holidays.

Nutrition Coordinator Corey Filbert says the key to avoiding weight gain is by balancing your intake. Filbert goes on to explain that splurging on treats is ok as long as you stay mindful about how many calories you’re putting in your body.



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