Holiday Shopping Expected to Be Record Breaking

Halloween just ended, but people are already thinking about their holiday shopping. Connie Vance says her holiday shopping strategy is to avoid chaos, “I don’t like that feeling of desperation and running around in crowds. You know, with all the other desperate people.”

That’s why millions of people will be doing their shopping in cyberspace.

Ryan Fleisch with Adobe Analytics says this will be a big online shopping season. “This is going to be a record breaking season, we’re expecting $143.7 billion in holiday spending,” according to Fleisch. He says finding online deals depends on which days you shop. “Black Friday, that’s going to be your best day for things like appliances, wait until December 1st if you’re buying any toys, 32% discounts are what we’re expecting,” he says. Fleisch says Cyber Monday, which falls on December 2nd, will have the best bargains for electronics.

This year there are six fewer shopping days between Cyber Monday and Christmas than last year, so businesses are expected to offer deals throughout the season. Fleisch says, “Consumers can expect to reap the benefits there with deeper discounts, sales starting earlier and running more consistently.” That’s good news for Veetavia Davidson who tends to procrastinate. “I’m probably not going to do it until like the week before. I always wait that late,” she says.

If you shop on your phone you’re not alone. Adobe Analytics predicts for the first time Americans will make more holiday purchases on their smartphone than their computer.

Fleisch says that about 82% of people who make a purchase online and go pick it up in a store, will end up spending more money when they get to that location.



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