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High School Seniors Regret Time Lost After Coronavirus School Shutdowns

The coronavirus pandemic has changed things for everyone – and it’s starting to sink in for high school seniors, that the rest of their schooling may not happen as planned.

Two Henderson County High School (HCHS) seniors say they have a few regrets.

“We thought we were just going to be out two weeks and we were going to come back, we haven’t even cleaned out our lockers, we haven’t got to say our goodbyes,” said Jada Hamby, a senior at HCHS.

“I definitely would have hugged my teachers a little hard, took my time instead of trying to rush off to work,” explained Morgen Hamby, Jada’s cousin and another senior at the school.

As for many high school seniors across the Tri-State, prom, graduation, senior night, class lunches, and memories have been ripped away, as logging in to school from a laptop at home is the new norm.

Cousins Morgen and Jada Hamby say that’s not what they’re going to miss the most.

“I’m not going to miss the prom or the graduation as much, I’m def going to miss the walk through the school and saying bye to all my teachers and all those fun faces that helped me through,” Morgen explained.

Morgen Hamby’s mom says she’s watched the hard work go done for 12 years, knowing what it’s like to have a traditional senior year – something her daughter will never experience.

“They’re not going to have those memories with their friends, they’re not going to have the student ambassador banquets, and it completely tears me apart,” explained Ashlee Hamby, Morgen’s mother.

Morgen and Jada say they’re living with some regret right now, not telling their friends and teachers goodbye, as it could be the last time they walk through the high school hallways.

As for Morgen’s little sister, she’s rounding out her fifth-grade year, and doesn’t know what to expect going into the sixth grade.

“The coronavirus is making me sad because I’m not going to see my teachers and not having my fifth-grade graduation,” fifth-grader Mallory Hamby explained.

The high schoolers say they won’t give up hope, looking forward to college, finding comfort in pictures and videos, and laughing at what memories they have made.

The spokesperson for Henderson County Schools says that right now, the school does not have a set date for prom or graduation and that they’re working to finalize those plans by the end of April.



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