Hidden Voices Forum Held in Evansville

It’s been over a month since 44News first brought you an exclusive interview with Kelly Jo Marshall – demanding justice for her son.

Now another month goes by – and Marshall is remaining active in the community – hopeful to keep her message alive.

“I just want everyone’s voices to be heard,” said Marshall.

Holding back tears and at times emotional, Marshall says something needs to change.

“We are out here to educate people and out here to reach out to community for support because we do need support,” she said.

The Hidden Voices Forum discussion panel featured social workers, community outreach speakers and activists  each with their own message and an idea there’s still work to be done.

“It is a good day because it is a step forward,” said Nicholas Marshall, the brother of Kelly Jo and uncle of the alleged victim.

He says Saturday’s forum means more than just a conversation.

“We are not done yet and we will continue to fight and we have to shine a bright light,”  he said, “I want to tell my sister she is shining so bright right now and she is doing a wonderful job.”

The accused attacker Gregory Johnston was facing at least six felony counts of child molestation – nearly two months ago – those charges were dropped.

“We are still healing,” said Marshall. “This is not something that will change overnight or in a week or two, so every single day is positive reinforcement.”

Marshall says she wants to bring awareness to sexual abuse because she says it’s being swept under the rug.

“Let everyone know that they don’t have to keep this tucked away and they don’t have to keep it hidden, you tell someone, you tell an adult, you tell a best friend, you tell a sister, a brother, this doesn’t have to be kept secret,” Marshall said.



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