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Henderson to Launch Another Mass Foreclosure on 20 Properties

Henderson is planning another mass property foreclosure to recover back taxes and liens. The last mass foreclosure in 2016 was highly successful in its goal to regain expenses and return property.

The goal is to foreclose 20 suits, three are for delinquent property taxes exclusively and some are a combination of both.  Of the 17 parcels in the lawsuit with property maintenance liens, 15 are vacant lots ready for redevelopment. A parcel on Old Madisonville Road is approximately four acres.

City Attorney Dawn Kelsey says, “We are allowed by statute to do a mass foreclosure where we can put numerous counts in one lawsuit. It saves the City money and time and expedites the foreclosure process.”

Officials say Henderson carefully considered where properties with delinquent property taxes or liens could be grouped in order to be more attractive to developers.

The 17 parcels with property maintenance liens in the mass foreclosure suit are:

  • 1409 O’Byrne St.
  • 1411 O’Byrne St.
  • 508 Letcher St.
  • 1437 Loeb St.
  • 238 S. Ingram St.
  • 431 S. Alves St.
  • 454 S. Alves St.
  • 456 S. Alves St.
  • 217 Burdette St.
  • 1226 Helm St.
  • 1010 Pringle St.
  • 1012 Pringle St.
  • 1014 Pringle St.
  • Old Madisonville Road (no address, PVA No. 56-27)
  • 1032 First St.
  • 1038 First St.
  • 137 Dekemper Drive



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