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Henderson Native Talks About Struggles With PTSD

During his 20 years of military service he has been through quite a bit in his life, and now he’s sharing his stories with the Tri-state.

Kentucky-native Justin Jordan hosted a book signing at the Henderson County Public Library. Jordan’s book is called “And Then I Cried, Stories of a Mortuary NCO”. He’s from Henderson, but headed off to join the Air Force 20 years ago.

Jordan became a Non-Commissioned Officer and was put in charge of mortuary affairs, and he says that job changed his life.

Justin Jordan said, “Mortuary Officer for six years of my 20-year career. I came back and had some pretty severe PTSD and instead of letting in beat me. I decided to write a book and share my story and to this day I continuously get messages from brothers and sisters from around the country saying it helped them. So mission accomplished there, but we have a long way to go, losing 20 veterans a day with suicide and it’s got to stop.”

The book details just how tough it was to console grieving families, and his personal battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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