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Henderson Flash Hoping Close Chemistry Will Carry Them in the Postseason

Down in Henderson, the Flash are looking to make some big noise this season. While these players have only known each other for just over a month, they have developed a chemistry that they believe will serve them well down the line. Our very own Andrew Garcia has more with the ball club.

After their season ended in the first round of the OVL playoffs in 2018, the Henderson Flash are looking for bigger things from this year’s squad.

“I think we’re really athletic as a team,” said Flash Manager J.D. Arndt. “We got really good team speed, which helps offensively and with stolen bases, but also more importantly defense. We’ve got some good arms, we’re getting to a point where they’re going longer into the game, early in the season they’ve got to go short on pitch counts so now we turn the corner in July and go a little bit longer with some guys on the pitching staff.”

We just got to grind it out,” said Flash INF Josh Johnston. “Come out here before the games and get our reps in and if we continue to do that and work hard and compete, we should then we should be in a good spot.”

Despite returning just three members from last year’s team, these flash players have become a close unit in just one month into the season.

“Playing with each other you learn who you are from the games,” said Flash OF Trey Hutchison. “We try to hang out whenever we can after the games to just build that chemistry within the team.

“It’s really just like any baseball team you join,” said Flash INF Nolan Melton. “You’re going to be a little awkward the first couple weeks but once you get passed that and everybody’s comfortable it’s pretty nice having just a group of good guys out here to play with everyday.”

Winning is one of many goals for these players.

“I’m working on every part of my game whether it’s defense or offense, but I’m going to try to be a better teammate,” said Hutchison. “From now on I think that’s something everybody should work on, and my work ethic, just work on everything.”

“Obviously we want to win a championship, but I think it’s yes we want to win on the field, but its more about getting better,” said Johnston. “Getting the reps so that when you get back to your college team, you’re more of a developed player.”



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