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Henderson Community Protests Immigration Raids

Immigration raids that target illegal aliens with final deportation orders could begin as early as Sunday according to President Donald Trump.

Silent protesters took to the streets of Downtown Henderson early Saturday showing their concerns for what they call a humanitarian crisis – at our southern border.

Their actions, speaking louder than words. Dozens of protesters standing together – in silence – their signs saying it all.

“You know I don’t care about the politics, I don’t care what side you fall on, but basically this is not the way to do it, mistreating is not the way to go,” said Henderson Resident Velvet Dowdy.

People in Henderson say they are shocked by the deportation of children and separation of their families.

The former Mayor of Henderson Joan Hoffman was among those standing against the inhumane treatment of children at migrant camps.

“When you have worked with children all your lives, children are children no matter where they are from, and we just could not stand to see how these children being treated at our border,” Hoffman said.

Today’s protest followed Friday’s Light of Liberty protest which took place across the country, including in tri-state cities like Jasper. Many Jasper residents took to the steps of the Dubios County Courthouse lighting candles in a silent vigil for all those held in U.S. detention camps.

The many events – sending a welcoming message of inclusion.

“So many of these people are wonderful and they add to our country, there is room for everybody here, we just need to open our hearts to these people,” said Henderson resident Glenda Guess.

The group’s organizers say they plan to protest every Saturday until they see a change.



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