Henderson CountyKentucky

Henderson Bus Driver Cited for Indecent Exposure

A Henderson city bus driver is being accused of exposing himself to a woman while on his lunch break. On July 17th, a woman reported a complaint on a HART bus driver named Timothy Givens.

According to the woman, Givens took her to eat at Taco Bell on his lunch break the day before. The woman says Givens told her he was sexually aroused by her.

The woman says Givens started to masturbate in front of her in his personal vehicle. According to the woman, Givens took her hand and attempted to place in on his penis, as well as tried to touch her breast.

On July 18th, Givens came to the Henderson Police Department and admitted to touching his penis on top of his pants saying “this is what you are doing to me”. Givens, however, denied pulling his penis out of his pants.

Givens was given a citation for indecent exposure 2nd degree. Givens has suspended without pay until legal matters are resolved.



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