Help the YWCA Raise the Roof

YWCA Evansville is asking the community to help Raise the Roof! The YWCA roof is in desperate need of replacement. Water leaks are causing significant internal damage to the 94 year old building. Donations made to the YWCA Raise the Roof fund will now have double the impact thanks to a generous pledge of $50,000 in matching funds from an anonymous donor. Thanks to this pledge, YWCA Evansville will only be only $60,000 short of the funds needed to replace their leaking roof.

YWCA Evansville has served the Tri-State community since 1911, operating from the same building for the past 94 years. The YWCA is a home to hundreds of homeless women and children each year. As a safe place for healing and recovery, the YWCA building has witnessed the transformation of countless women. Although the roof has experienced several emergency repairs over the years, it is currently decades old and in need of replacement in order to prevent further damage to client bedrooms and common areas.

“The safety and wellbeing of clients is our top priority so we work diligently to maintain and repair our historic building,” said Erika Taylor, chief executive officer of the YWCA. “The current state of our leaking roof has caused major interior damage to the ceilings, walls and floors of client bedrooms and common areas. It is imperative that we have our roof replaced as soon as possible. We are calling upon the Tri-State community to open their hearts and their wallets to help fund this urgent need.”

Replacing the roof now will prevent further damage and allow the YWCA to continue impacting lives in a safe environment. A significant portion of the funds needed to fully replace the roof have already been raised, but there is still work to be done. With the matching gift in place and the generous support from the community, the YWCA is poised to overcome this barrier.

YWCA Evansville is asking for community support to ensure that women and children have safe and clean housing with a new roof over their heads. The sky truly is the limit for YWCA clients and matched donations will go twice as far in helping to Raise the Roof.

For more information about the Raise the Roof campaign, contact Erika Taylor at (812) 422-1191. View current funds raised on our website at

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