Heating Safety Tips Ahead of Colder Weather

Temperatures are dropping across the Tri-State which means many people will be heating up their homes.

However, that could create a big problem.

“With the increase of the cold, we see people trying to use supplemental ways to heat up their house and that’s when we do see kind of an increase in fires,” says Lt. Chris Watson, Henderson Fire Department.

According to the U.S Fire Administration, nearly 45,000 houses caught fire between 2013 and 2015 after people tried heating their homes.

That resulted in almost 200 deaths.

That’s why fire officials are offering tips to help people stay safe and warm this season.

“If you’re gonna use your space heater, have one that’s been checked,” says Watson. “Have one that’s been used and that you’re familiar with. Do not plug extension cords unless you have to.”

When you’re pulling those space heaters out of storage, officials say to make sure they are properly cleaned and to keep them nearly three feet away from objects.

Cords are another important piece to check since they can spark a fire.

“Don’t put it in-front of your doorway and go to bed,” says Watson. “Also find those space heaters that actually have ones that fall over or if they get too hot they can shut off.”

Officials say they will make several runs to homes for heat related incidents, but they are preventable.

“Try not to sleep with your stoves on and any other way you may supplement the house,” says Watson.”And please don’t use generators or anything inside the house that could possibly cause a fire.”

If you need your smoke detector checked, you can always contact your local fire department.

The number for the Henderson Fire Department is (270) 831-1270.



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