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Heating Assistance Across the Tri-State

When temperatures drop, your electricity bill can rise. This is what happened to one tri-state family, leaving them begging for answers and warmth after their electricity was cut off.

Evansville resident, Kenneth Goff tells 44News his health issues are extensive and his elderly mom is sensitive to the cold. Although after falling behind on payments, his electricity was shut off  leaving them with no power and no heat.

“It’s cold in here,” says Goff. It’s so chilly in his house, he’s depending on warm clothing and his furry friend to lock in the heat. “I had to have my dog sleep with me so I feel warm. Mom has four blankets on her.”

With winter weather almost in full swing, their freezing cold home is leaving him and his elderly mom feeling nasty, cold, and sick.

“We are arguing because of this,” says Goff. Now they are very frustrated and are desperately looking for a solution.

“You can only do so much to help other people, but when it comes time for you to try to get help for yourself, nobody wants to be around,” says Goff.

44News reached out to energy companies across the tri-state and there is help available.

“There are ways of making payment plans if you have a big bill out, chop it down and work on that. There is budget billing, there’s now text alerts you can get on your phones, all you gotta do is sign up and utilize that,” says Duke Energy District Manager Rick Burger

Vectren has partnered with several Indiana community action agencies, but there are also other solutions they work through on a case by case basis. You can learn more about Vectren’s energy assistance options here.

Owensboro Municipal Utilities partners with the Salvation Army for their community cares program, helping those in need. You and learn more about OMU’s energy assistance program here.

Kenergy has an operation roundup program where customers can round up their bill, donating money to customers in need. You and learn more about Kenergy’s energy assistance program here.

These energy companies ask their customers to try to be proactive and reach out to customer service once you know you aren’t going to be able to pay for your upcoming electricity bill.

There are also free community programs available such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. You can learn more about LIHEAP here.





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