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Heat, Humidity, Dust

While today’s high of 88°was our warmest since this past Sunday, it ended up being an all round pleasant day throughout the Tri-State; that however wasn’t necessarily a surprise considering dew point values remained in the upper 50s and low 60s earlier today, keeping conditions quite comfortable despite the heat. Unfortunately, it looks as though those pleasant conditions are on their way out – the core of high pressure responsible for our clear skies and cooler-than-average weather of late will continue to migrate eastward. As that occurs, a stubborn southerly wind flow will settle in across the region.

The southerly low level jet will essentially act as an expressway, transporting gulf heat and humidity directly into the Tri-State. Afternoon highs on Friday are expected to peak near 91°, but with dew points around 68°, it could feel as hot as 95°at times! Saturday and Sunday look as though they’ll be cooler; scattered shower and thunderstorm activity will keep temperatures closer to the mid 80s, but heat indices are still expected to top out just north of 90° both days! By the time Monday rolls around, there’s a possibility we may see downright gross weather (we’re talking dew points approaching 75° and heat indices nearing 95° once again!)

The heat and humidity aren’t the only thing headed our way via the aforementioned southerly wind highway; you may have recently heard about a massive Saharan dust plume making its way toward the states, well today it reached the gulf coast. As our high departs eastward and those strong southerly winds reach the region, they’ll force that dust northward into the Tri-State as early as Friday evening. We may be in for at least a week of vivid sunsets, hazy skies during the day, locally reduced visibility and degraded air quality; with our anticipated showers and storms, it’s possible that we may even see periods of muddy rain depending on the amount of particulate hanging in the air.

Like Jackie Moon said, “Let’s Get Tropical!”



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