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The Heat Continues, but a Slight Relief Is Ahead

With Independence Day behind us the real ‘dog days of summer’ are in full swing. This upcoming workweek will reflect that with more heat and humidity surging into the Tri-State. Waking up for your Monday be prepared for temperatures to spike up into the 80s by the afternoon. The mild conditions will continue but one positive caveat is we will remain rain-free for back-to-back days. As we head into Tuesday, expect more sunshine with more seasonable temperatures as we approach the upper-80s by the afternoon hours.

By midweek the relief from the heat, that is stated in the headline, will come in the form of a cold front. The current model data is hinting towards late-Wednesday into the pre-dawn hours of Thursday for the Tri-State receiving our next soaking of showers and storms. Also as of right now, no strong or severe weather will be associated with our next weather system. Thursday is looking like our treat for the week with sunny skies, lower temperatures with a comfortable northeast wind. It gets even better, by Friday morning we could wake up to temperatures in the mid-60s.

Unfortunately, these delightful conditions will be short-lived. Saturday afternoon we will reach back into the upper-80s. By Sunday things get even warmer with afternoon highs reverting back into the 90s.




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