Haynie’s Corner Cleanup Gets $1,000 From City

Haynie’s Corner and the Arts District was supposed to get a cleanup on Sunday but nobody showed. The city has provided $1,000 to clean up the area.

Many of the flowerbeds are overgrown with weeds that need to be picked before new rock and mulch is spread. Several benches are also going to get a fresh coat of paint.


Jennifer Moorhead with “Get Your Hands Dirty” says the district hasn’t been cleaned up in sometime and needs some TLC, “It’s a beautiful area and it’s really important to take care of what you care about. I see people down here all the time. I see people walking, running, walking their dogs. If you walk down the street and you are here regularly you live in the neighborhood, it’s very Mr. Rodgersesque.”

Moorhead said she hopes to see more people at the next clean up. For more information on Haynie’s Corner and Arts District clean up click here.



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