Gym Offers Opportunities for Community

A new gym opened earlier this summer on Evansville’s East Side and it offers something much more than weightlifting.

“We’re finding out its not just a gym. Its a home,” says Thomas Sturgeon, Lift 4 Life founder.

For Sturgeon, he’s had many roles throughout his life.

A former fire chief and Navy veteran, he battles with difficulties of his own.

“I’m disabled. A lot of migraines. Some PTSD. And some severe anxiety,” says Sturgeon.

Sturgeon says he found working out changed his life and alongside his wife, it was there they wanted to help others dealing with similar situations.

“Anybody who comes in, I know where they’re coming from,” says Sturgeon. “So we were able to say you know what let’s take my life, my experience, and lets do something with it.”

Opening this summer, Lift 4 Life is a gym focusing on supporting veterans, first responders, and people with disabilities.

It offers affordable supplements, therapy, and has handicap accessible equipment.

“Our vets they matter,” says Sturgeon. “People with disabilities they matter. And a lot of times they think they don’t. So I want them to know this is why we do this.”

Sturgeon says he’s seen firsthand the impact Lift 4 Life has on people right here in the Tri-State.

“We have an individual that come into me and he was battling depression and I knew where he was headed, but now he’s in a whole different place. That’s what it’s about. You don’t know that guys plans when he leaves here if you don’t show him that you care,” says Sturgeon.

And along with getting healthy physically and mentally, the focus remains something much bigger than weightlifting itself.

“It’s not about a membership,” says Sturgeon. “It’s about changing lives and when you see that, how could it not make you happy.”

Lift 4 Life has a fundraiser coming up the beginning of October.

To learn more about that event or if you’re interested in joining the gym click here.



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