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Group Makes Cards for Soldiers Overseas

It’s a difficult time for soldiers and their loved ones when they are thousands of miles away from home serving their country.

That’s why one community is coming together to show their support.

“It’s my little way of supporting the armed forces,” says Janet Canter, organized card making group.

In Henderson, some women are getting crafty.

“I’ve got my silhouette machine over here so I can cut different sizes or shapes and then we can write on them with the machine also,” says Canter.

Once a month the group meets to make cards, but for more than just a special occasion.

Their card making skills are a part of Cards For Soldiers.

“They box up several categories of cards and send them to the troops overseas,” says Canter.

The founder of Cards for Soldiers says nearly 8,000-10,000 cards made across the country are shipped weekly.

The cards will eventually be returned home to loved ones.

“Most bases in the Middle East, they don’t have a Hallmark store so they can just go to their USO on base, pick out a card, and mail it home,” says Canter.

Across the country, there are more than six thousand card makers.

For Canter, it’s more personal. Her son in the Air Force has been serving in the Middle East since 2017.

“His dad is Air Force, his uncle is Air Force, his grandfather is Navy, his great grandfather was army,” says Canter. “Military background is in the family on both sides.”

And for these women, card making is more than just a hobby.

“Whether we get one card done or a whole box full of cards done, it’s just knowing that we’re doing something to support the troops,” says Canter.



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