Group Approves Continuous Flow Intersection

Road construction is likely affecting your travel time. One lane of the Lloyd Expressway is closed in each direction between Green River and I-69. By the time that project wraps up next June, another major projected could be getting underway along the Lloyd.

Nearly 100,000 drivers travel down the Lloyd Expressway daily, causing some intersections to become congested. The intersection at Burkhardt Road and the Lloyd Expressway is one of the busiest.

“A lot of my friends right when they got their license their parents wouldn’t let them drive on the East side because there’s always so much traffic,” says driver Clara Hawley.

Now the Indiana Department of Transportation is looking to make changes to the turning lanes. The Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization has approved the plans to make changes to turning lanes at Vann Avenue, Burkhardt Road, Cross Point Boulevard, Saint Joseph and Rosenberger Avenue. Since Evansville’s MPO voted to add these projects to the Transportation Improvement Program, the process to finalize these plans can begin.

“That’s kind of the first step of development for these projects so now we can actually get a consultant to sign and start working ahead on those,” says INDOT District Deputy Director Rusty Fowler.

These intersections could be getting displaced left-turning lanes, also known as a continuous flow intersection.

The idea to separate left turn drivers from the rest of traffic while having them cross with minimal delays.

There will also be some U-turns to help further control left-turns.

“Because left turns is where we usually have challenges with traffic. One slowing traffic down and two, it’s usually a conflict point for accidents as well,” says Fowler.



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