Grass Clippings Can Be Deadly to Motorcyclists

As the weather gets warmer, many people are making sure their lawns are looking beautiful but all that mowing leads to grass clippings, believe it or not, that debris can be dangerous for bikers.

An Illinois woman died Monday while riding a motorcycle after freshly-cut grass caused her to go out of control. This is why bikers continue to urge people to help ensure their safety.

The warm weather brings more bikers out for a ride. They already face enough dangers on the road. The last thing they want to worry about is grass clippings.

“You have to be very alert and quick to react to feel safe on a motorcycle and ride it everyday,” said motorcyclist Steven Volk.

Volk gets around on his motorcycle everyday and he’s no stranger to the risks of the road.

“Yes, I’ve had several close calls over the years,” Volk said.

He’s seen his fair share of drivers affecting his ride.

“People pull out in front of you,” Volk said. “They’re hard to see. You have people cut you off.”

But something simple as mowing your lawn can put bikers in danger.

“I’ve seen grass clippings on the road several times,” Volk said.

It’s an issue people have been sharing on Facebook and what caused a crash that killed an Illinois woman Monday.

“It’s a lot harder to stop or slide,” said Volk. “If it’s in a curve you could, you know, slide right out. It can be dangerous.”

According to Illinois law it’s illegal to deposit grass clippings into public roadways because it’s also dangerous for motorcyclists.

But there’s not a similar law in Indiana and bikers like Volk want people to be aware.

“A little extra effort not to blow grass on the road is not too much to ask for safety to keep people alive,” Volk asked.



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