Governor-Elect Andy Beshear Will Overhaul Education System

Kentucky governor-elect Andy Beshear will walk straight into controversy on his first day in office.  Beshear will become the first Kentucky governor in almost 30 years to completely overhaul the state’s education board by executive order.

It’s a move he’s been pledging to make on his first day in office.  Such a sweeping reorganization could ultimately wind up in court if disputed by any of the 11 current voting board members appointed by Republican Governor Matt Bevin.

Though it won’t come without challenges he will battle it out with a republican majority; a move like this could push Beshear to become a one-term governor.

But Beshear says he is focused on pushing the boundaries as he wants state officials to focus on better public education.

“We have to have a board of education that supports public education and we need to have a commissioner who does that too,” Beshear says. 

Beshear must also discuss the Bevin Administration’s controversial decision not to award a Medicaid contract to Louisville-based Passport Health which could force the company out of business.

Beshear says he will look at the decision from different angles for the best results.



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