Governor Bevin Will Not Concede Race

Tuesday night, Republican Governor Matt Bevin lost in an upset race to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. Bevin is not throwing in the towel yet and requested a recanvass.

“And the reasons for this, Kentucky sadly and it’s not unique to Kentucky, but there’s more than a little bit of history of voter fraud in our state ever since I’ve been governor,” says Governor Bevin.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Bevin questioned Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes and her motives, bringing up allegations that Grimes improperly accessed information within the voter registration system.

“And to call an election. This is from a woman, with all due respect to her, is not exactly rock-solid as it comes to following the law,” says Bevin. “She’s currently under investigation for misuse of voter files herself.”

Although, Grimes’ office claims all searches done through that system were requested by the media, the public, or to perform background checks on job candidates.

Governor Bevin says there were irregularities in the vote totals, including absentee ballots.

“We know there have been thousands of absentee votes that have been illegally counted that is known,” says Bevin. “We know that there are reports about people being turned away, incorrectly turned away, from various voting booths around the state.”

The governor claims there were multiple machines in Jefferson County that did not work. He says he fears paper ballots were not scanned, but Beshear says he’s not concerned.

“I don’t know what information he’s working off of,” says Governor-Elect Andy Beshear. “I know that about 5,000 votes aren’t terribly close.”

Lundergan Grimes confirmed she has received Bevin’s request for a recanvass. This basically means the votes will be recounted, on a county by county basis, essentially double-checking the totals submitted to the state board of elections Tuesday night.

Bevin can ask a court to approve a recount, but he would have to front the money. In the meantime, Beshear says he’s getting to work right away.

Beshear even announced his transition chair, Micheal Brown.

“We are confident in the outcome of the election, but today is about moving forward,” says Beshear. “The election is over. No one else is going to cast a vote, it ended last night and we are going to make sure that we make this transition as smooth as we can because the people of this commonwealth have needs.”



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