Governor Backs Statewide Ban on Cellphones While Driving

Soon in the Hoosier State, it could become illegal to use your cell phone while driving altogether.

“So by having a law that prohibits someone from holding their phone no doubt will save many lives,” said Indiana State Police Trooper Sgt. Todd Ringle.

As state law stands – people 21 and older can talk on the phone while driving – but if you’re 18 or younger you cannot.

Sgt. Ringle says it’s sometimes difficult to catch those offenders in the act.

“If we can get a law passed that says it is illegal to hold a phone then yes we would be able to enforce the law,” Sgt. Ringle said.  “We would be able to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on the highways because of distracted driving.”

Many drivers say distracted driving isn’t worth it.

“Anybody that’s fought the traffic knows that it’s just terrible when you’re behind somebody on the phone it’s scary,” said driver Sherri Littell.

She says everyone needs to put their phone down while driving.

“I’m urging them to stop because one silly moment can wreck lives all around,” Littell said.

If you are caught using your cell phone while driving – it could cost you in fines up to hundreds of dollars.

Sgt. Ringle says with today’s technology, many people aren’t focused on the road while driving.

“Unfortunately a lot of people treat driving like a part time job,” he said. “So many people feel like they can’t drive a vehicle without being on their cellphones. If you drive down a major highway just take a few seconds and notice and look at how many people are on their cellphones and its scary.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 3,000 people lost their lives from distracted related driving incidents in 2017.



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