Gov. Pritzker Signs Multiple Bills Supporting Hospitals, Schools, & Small Businesses

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed legislation supporting hospitals, school districts, and small businesses. The bills signed Friday take effect immediately.

The following bills were signed:

Bill Number: SB 526
Description: Makes it easier for hospitals to be reimbursed for providing care to our most vulnerable children in their times of most need by extending the sunset provision on the reimbursement to hospitals for youth in psychiatric stays beyond medical necessity.

Bill Number: SB 2096
Description: Makes it easier for low-income school districts to access property tax relief. Allows the state superintendent of education, rather than the Professional Review Panel, to recalibrate elements of the evidence-based funding formula. Reduced administrative barriers in the School Code.

Bill Number: SB 1831
Description: Allows caterers to return the product to alcohol distributors under certain circumstances, including inclement weather.

Bill Number: HB 2841
Description: Allows mayors and presidents of a city, village or town to perform a marriage without compensation.



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