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Gibson County Clerk Facing Possible Arrest

The Gibson County Clerk is facing criminal charges. Princeton police are investigating the case against James Morrow, but a special prosecutor and special judge have been selected to preside over the case.

Morrow did show up to work Tuesday at the Gibson County Clerk’s office but had already left before crews from 44News arrived. Princeton police are still waiting for the special judge to sign a warrant for his arrest.

The Gibson County Clerk is accused of pulling a gun on a man after a heated argument at Sam’s Food Mart in Princeton on April 30. The victim told police he was facing a car with his hands up as Morrow charged toward him with a gun.

A four- and eight-year old child were strapped in the backseat of the car, putting the two children in the line of fire.

Both the victim and witness, who captured the incident on a cellphone video, say Morrow smelled of alcohol at the time.

Detectives recovered a phone call Morrow made from the Gibson County Jail where he admits to pulling a gun on the victim. However, in that same call, Morrow claims the victim was the aggressor.

However, investigators say Morrow’s version of the story didn’t match the recorded video. Princeton police asked Morrow to come in for an interview, but he declined.

Morrow is facing charges of battery with a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, intimidation with a deadly weapon and pointing a firearm.

The Pike County prosecutor’s office is handling the case and Vanderburgh county



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