Get It Together: Summer Mocktails

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for a nice, refreshing drink the whole family can enjoy.

Allie Peach is helping you “Get It Together” with some easy, delicious summer mocktail recipes.

Allie’s first recipe has a favorite summer fruit. It’s called “Waju.” She says, “Bon Appetit Magazine made this watermelon juice famous a couple of summers ago, and it’s become a staple in our house. Blend 6 cups of cubed watermelon (without the rind) with 3/4 tsp salt. Strain through a fine mesh sieve or nut milk bag. and serve over ice with lime wedges. Turn it into a Mexican inspired mock-argarita by rimming your glass with Tajin first!”

Her next drink is a twist on a non-alcoholic mojito using anything sparkling with citrus and bitters. Allie says, “Bitters take a sparkling drink from “meh” to “okay, this could totally pass for a cocktail. La Croix is a favorite for obvious reasons – no sugar, no calories, lots of flavor choices. You could also try flavored fruit sodas. I love to add about 4 dashes of bitters and a lime or lemon wedge to a sparkling water type drink, and with so many fun bitters to choose from, you can make endless combinations. One of my favorite combinations is coconut La Croix and mint bitters with a lime wedge and a mint sprig for a sugar free mock-jito.”

Allie’s next drink is Kombucha, but it’s all about the presentation. She says, “I love to have kombucha in a wine or champagne glass to make it feel special. The bonus here is that not only is kombucha not bad for you, it’s actually a net gain in the health department, as it’s a natural probiotic. There are tons of brands out there with amazing flavors. I’ve even seen one with citrus and hops!”

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