Get It Together: Spring Break Family Travel Tips

Many kids are on spring break, or getting ready to be, and that means traveling with the family. Allie Peach is helping you “Get It Together” with some tips to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Allie’s first tip is to make a travel coloring kit. Allie says, “I love to pack a mini binder for each kid with their own pencil bag and filler paper, and it costs no more than $10. This can be used as a travel journal. For younger kids, have them draw pictures of their experiences. Older children can draw a picture and write a few sentences.”

Her next tip is to pack snacks. Allie say, “Plane snacks are expensive these days. If I’m packing for a long day of travel, I’ll bring a lunch box filled with cold snacks like hard boiled eggs, fruit, etc. For short plane trips, I stick to nut-free granola bars.”

IPads are a travel staple, especially with kids. Allie says, “Screen time gets a bad rap, with good reason, but we live in the future and traveling is a perfectly acceptable time to let them watch a movie. My tips are to set a timer, and have a conversation with them in advance about the fact that when the timer goes off, they’re going to have to take a break from the screen. You can even set your own timer and give them warnings to make the transition easier. Another tip is to make sure you download movies/shows at home while you’re on WiFi. Download more than you think you need. My last tip is to download fun apps that don’t feel like learning, but actually are.”

Once you get to your destination Allie suggests trying to get the kids’ energy levels back to normal, “Do some light activity when you get there, or in the middle if it’s a long trip. Take a walk to tour the hotel, jump on the hotel beds, go for a swim. This will stretch you out after a long day of travel.”




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