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FREE Opportunity for Area Artists

Looking for an open-ended outlet/resource for artists, creative people and patrons of the arts in Southern Indiana?

You should check out ArtistsCreating!

It’s an opportunity for creative people who may or may not have a recurring venue to be seen and heard, those people living in southern Indiana who have difficulty (due to location and other factors) getting their work seen, read and heard. There are many wonderfully creatives here and this publishing venture is shared with all of our subscribers.
The best part? It’s free to publish and free for you to list yourself, show your work and advertise your events and shows. It’s also free for all subscribers to read a new issue every two months!

And they’re celebrating a milestone…

The southern Indiana-centric magazine of artistic energy, ArtistsCreating, has just passed a milestone with the addition of over 30 more listings of artists and galleries in the southern half of our state. With over 500 subscribers, the all-digital publication has grown exponentially over it’s first year with the addition of more creative people and more art galleries and creative people who subscribers now have access to via their listing sections.
The bi-monthly art and literary magazine is published and edited by Keith J. Hampton as a way to help promote the arts in the southern half of the state and has surpassed his imaginings. ‘I am really sort of shocked that it’s grown as fast as it has. When I started a year ago, I had no idea that it would take off this quickly.’ As Indiana’s only professionally-designed magazine that features only stories, articles and interviews for and by creative people, he hopes that it can keep expanding. ‘My dream is to keep this one growing and eventually add another publication for the Louisville market. But that’s a long way off. I just want to perfect this one and help it grow for now.’
All artists and galleries, as well as other creative outlets also get a bonus with the magazine: They can list as well as advertise their events for free. Hampton take absolutely no money for his efforts or for giving away the ad space. ‘It’s a labor of love’ says Hampton, ‘because I just want to promote creative people and help them find a wider audience. This part of the state has needed this for a long time.’

For more information go to: http://www.artistscreating.org

You can find more on the ArtistsCreating Facebook Page.

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