Fort Campbell Soldiers Ready for Deployment if Needed

Top administration officials are defending President Donald Trump’s handling of threats from Iran. The war of words over social media between world leaders has some people on edge about what happens next.

Because of the unrest, some soldiers at Fort Campbell, KY are concerned they’ll be deployed.

President Trump issued a stark warning to Iran over the weekend. Now, many are left wondering if the escalation will lead to a war.

One reporter asked, “Mr. President, are we going to war with Iran?

President Trump’s response, “Hope not.”

As questions mount over President Donald Trump’s tough talk on Iran, National Security officials made their way to Capitol Hill Tuesday to brief congress.

This comes after weeks of escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf that have raised alarms over a possible military confrontation with Iran.

Over the weekend, Trump took to Twitter suggesting that if Tehran wants to fight it will be, in his words, “The official end of Iran.”

His message followed a rocket attack that U.S. officials tell CBS News was likely aimed at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. But President Trump says he is not seeking war.

“They can’t be threatening us,” said President Trump. “And you know with all of everything that’s going on and I’m not one that believes, I’m not someone that wants to go into war.”

A feeling that hits close to home in the Tri-State. For soldiers at Fort Campbell, deployment is never easy.

“It’s our job so when we sign up we understand the difficulties and when we experience those things being away from home,” said Robb.

“We’re already away from home so it’s not a whole lot different.”

The U.S. has deployed an aircraft carrier and bombers to the Persian Gulf. The U.S. also expanded its military presence in the region citing an increased threat from Iran.

“We’ve talked a little about it currently … my unit particular,” said Robb. “We’re not really talking about Iran so much. We’re talking about other countries we’re in conflict with. We all know that this is brewing and that’s it’s a possibility and if it happens we’re always ready and they’ve kicked up training a lot it seems you definitely can feel it.”

And world powers are warning Iran not to provoke the Trump Administration.

“We’re always ready,” said Robb. “It’s fine with us. If we need to go to Iran so be it. Let’s go”

In Tuesday’s briefing in Washington, top Trump Administration National Security Officials say they are finding success in deterring Iran from American attacks, but will keep up the pressure.



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