Fort Campbell Medical Personnel Deploy to New York State for Coronavirus Relief

On March 26, more than 200 medical personnel from the 531st Hospital from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, are scheduled to deploy to New York state to provide a full range of healthcare services in support of medical facilities currently struggling to keep the coronavirus in New York under control.

This response is part of the national approach to fighting COVID-19. The Army is working with interagency partners – including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Defense Military Health System and others – to support and protect the military force and the American people.

There have been zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Fort Campbell, but more than 200 tests are pending, according to a press release.

Fort Campbell medical personnel will work closely with supporting medical network partners to reduce effects on scheduled appointments at Fort Campbell.

The Army recently issued deployment orders to the 531st Hospital from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the 627th Hospital from Fort Carson, Colorado, and the 9th Hospital from Fort Hood, Texas, to deploy to New York and Washington state, the Army said in a press release.



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