Former Florida Deputy Scot Peterson Charged After Parkland Shooting

Families of the 17 people killed in the Parkland, Florida school massacre are applauding the arrest of former deputy Scot Peterson.

Peterson is accused of failing to keep students safe. Following a 15-month investigation, the 56-year-old is facing 11 criminal counts, including child neglect, culpable negligence, and perjury.

Peterson’s attorney says the charges are “politically motivated” and is calling immediate dismissal. In an interview a year ago, Peterson said he is not solely responsible.

“I never had a chance– I never even thought even for a moment of being scared or a coward cause I was just doing things the whole time,” says Peterson.

Peterson’s attorney says his client cannot be prosecuted on child neglect charges because he was not a “caregiver” of the students.

Peterson was jailed on a $102,000 bail. The charges against him carry a maximum potential prison sentence of nearly 100 years.



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