Former Animal Shelter Employee Says She Was Asked To Freeze Cats Alive

A former Spencer County Animal Shelter employee is claiming the Spencer County Animal Shelter was asking employees to put living cats in the freezer to die.

Bridget Woodson, former shelter employee, initially went public with her allegations against the Spencer County Animal Shelter through a post on Facebook.

She says she was instructed twice to put live cats in the freezer to die.

“I was sick to my stomach,” says Woodson. “She instructed me to go ahead and put it in the trash bag you know that’s assigned to it’s specific color and then just put it into the freezer. I told her it was alive. I told her it was up and moving.”

Woodson recalls the first time she says her boss, Christine Payne, asked her to do this.

“The first time I was asked, I was given an option and the cat that did come in was a kitten and it had been sucked up into a car and ran over so it was in really bad condition,” says Woodson. “She mentioned putting it in a freezer then. I mean she could tell I was uneasy about it, and she said but don’t worry you can take it to the vet.”

Woodson says she took the cat to the vet to be properly euthanized. After the second phone conversation with her boss, Woodson says she once again took the cat to the vet. She says she sent her boss a text shortly after.

“The second time that I was asked personally I wasn’t given the option even though it was the same time of day and she was also not there again,” says Woodson. “I was there by myself. I told her no I’m not comfortable with that, I’ll see if maybe the animal will pass on it’s own because for some reason I felt like I was being told I couldn’t take it to the vet for whatever reason. So I called the vet myself and I decided if money was the problem, then they can bill me that’s fine because I can’t do the other option.”

Woodson posted a text conversation with Payne.

“If you read the texts it acknowledges, you know what was said, and the fact that she thinks, you know putting an animal in the freezer is no less humane than taking it into the vet and having it put down,” says Woodson.

Woodson says she attended a board meeting last week to address her concerns. She says she just wants something to change.

“I’m not trying to get the shelter to shut down. I want people to show up there I want people to see what animals are there and I want them to take them home,” says Woodson.

The animal shelter posted on their Facebook page earlier today saying they will be open normal business hours.

44News reached out to the Spencer County Animal Shelter earlier this week, but they declined to comment. We reached back out to them today and did not hear back.

We also reached out to police to see if an investigation is underway, but 44News did not hear back from them either.



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