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Foodie News: We Have Bad News and DRAMA…

First up…bad news for those of you in Evansville that shop at bakery outlets– they are no more.

RIP cheap bread.

After a little research, I found that if you want discounted donuts and bargain buns, you’ll have to head to Owensboro.

A post in Tri-State Restaurant Reviews garnered over 50 comments on this topic, so bread must be that important, even when snow is nowhere in the forecast.

The consensus among the commenters was that the Bimbo Bakery Plant in Owensboro still has a small outlet store next door.

That seems like your last bread in bulk option.

Outside of Costco or Sam’s Club.

A new restaurant is headed to Evansville…by the name of…

“Juicy Seafood” Indy.

Not much information out there…I scoured the internet and could not find any “Juicy Seafood” opening in the area.

Aside from the lack of info, people aren’t digging the name.

Seems like putting the word “juicy” in front of “seafood” has people questioning the quality of the fare.

Comments ranged from absolutely grossed out, to pretty hilarious, like:

“It just sounds like something the health dept will be shutting down soon after opening.”

“Opening next to Moist Bakery.”

On the other side of “The Drunken Clam”.

It’s not even open, and somehow trouble is already a-brewing…

Or should I say, something smells fishy.

Turns out that when you search for “Juicy Seafood”, you’ll find there is already one in Indy.

The website is actually juicyseafoodindy.com…weird, right?

The mystery deepens…

Last week, the flag-ship restaurant in Indy posted a status, straight up calling out anyone that they consider to be imitators with quote,

In recent days there are some imposters and copy cats trying to fool the consumers by imitating what we do and infringe upon our registered trade name.
They will be dealt with ever so severely that is available to us legally and otherwise.

Curiouser and curiouser.

If you have any additional information on this restaurant, let me know about it on my 44News Facebook page.

And that’s all the delectable dishing today, for you foodies.

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