Flu Season Hits Hard, Closes Schools

This year’s flu season is predicted to be one of the worst, as a highly contagious strain that’s especially tough on children is circulating.

Schools are doing what they can to keep their doors open despite an increase in cases, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed numerous deaths from the flu this season.

If your child is showing any symptoms of being sick, it’s better for them to stay home, school officials told 44News.

Both Kentucky and Illinois have peaked to the highest threat level while Indiana is sitting in the low to moderate stage.

Meanwhile, education officials in Union County say their schools have already been hit hard once this school year.

Although there is no official count of school closings for flu-related concerns nationwide – so far 6 districts in Indiana and three in Kentucky have closed for the rest of the week.

44news has reached out to all of the school districts across the tri-state luckily all of the administrators report that attendance is either normal or exceeding expectations for this time of the year with attendance numbers between 93% and 97%.

The CDC reports five new influenza-associated pediatric deaths have occurred this week bringing the total to 32 deaths this flu season.

If you or your children are experiencing symptomatic signs of the flu, you should contact your family care physician or seek out a local emergency department.




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