Flu Outbreak Closes Schools in Muhlenberg County

Muhlenberg County School District will not be in session from Wednesday, February through Monday, February 17.

The Influenza B strain which tends to impact children most has been dominating the area. So far, this season has seen at least 13 million flu illnesses and 120,0000 hospitals.

Now schools are taking on the flu working to clean scrub the halls and classrooms to prevent the flu from spreading.

Carla Embry, Muhlenberg County Board of Education Community Relations Specialist, says, “All of our custodians are working hard these few days in our schools trying to cover from top to bottom; the doorknobs, anything that little hands would touch we are trying to make sure we clean and disinfect.”

With weeks of flu ahead federal health officials say it’s not too late to get your shot.

The CDC says data so far indicates the vaccine overall is a pretty good match, but it will be several weeks before health officials know for sure.

Officials say classes will resume on Tuesday, February 18. Teachers and staff will return Monday for a workday.



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