First Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Webster Co. as Cases Rise in Daviess Co.

The Green River District Health Department (GRDHD) has reported the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Kentucky’s Webster County, as well as additional cases of the virus in Daviess County.

The total number of cases for GRDHD’s seven-county district is now 17, with Henderson County reporting 2 cases, Daviess County reporting 14 cases, and Webster County reporting 1 case.

As of 9:00 a.m. on March 24, specific demographic information reported by GRDHD is as follows:

Henderson County – 2 Cases

  1. 61-year-old male
  2. 63-year-old female

Daviess County – 14 Cases

  1. 51-year-old male
  2. 48-year-old male
  3. 48-year-old female
  4. 23-year-old female
  5. 69-year-old male
  6. 58-year-old female
  7. 50-year-old female
  8. 54-year-old male
  9. 20-year-old female
  10. 25-year-old male
  11. 50-year-old female
  12. 49-year-old male
  13. 52-year-old male
  14. 49-year-old female

Webster County

  1. 77-year-old male

The health department is contacting the individuals that have had close contact with the patients and providing appropriate guidance about quarantine.



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