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Firework Laws for Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois

The Fourth of July is exactly a month away, but some people in the tri-state area are already shooting off fireworks.

In the state of Indiana, you are allowed to shoot off fireworks on your property until 11 P.M. on most days. During holidays Hoosiers can shoot off fireworks until midnight. Although some community members say this is too late to be disturbing your hardworking neighbors.

“If you work the next day and you got to get up the next morning at 5:15, you want your sleep and it can be a little bit bothersome,” says local nurse, Carla Browning.

Some communities in Indiana have ordinances regulating firework usage even more. Within Evansville’s city limits, fireworks can only be set off between June 29th-July 9th from 5 P.M.-10:30 P.M.

Evansville Central Dispatch says they have already received about 50 phone calls since May 26th about people shooting off fireworks.

Kelly Hufford rescues dogs and says one of her dogs have already been frightened by fireworks this year.

“It seems like they came earlier this year, for us it did, because we were getting a lot of the M-80s and that just sets him [her dog] off,” says Kelly Hufford. She says she wishes people would think about this while they are shooting off fireworks, especially when they are being shot off weeks before Independence Day. Not to mention, with the string of shootings, fireworks could be mistaken as gunfire.

The firework restriction in Henderson, Owensboro, and Madisonville are a bit more lenient than Evansville’s regulations. Fireworks are allowed to be shot off between 10 A.M.- 10 P.M. on most days, by someone 18-years-old or older. Although on holidays, they can be shot off until midnight.

Illinois has the most strict firework laws, prohibiting the use of most fireworks unless you obtain the proper permit.



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