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Final Push to the Polls for Governor’s Race

It’s the final countdown to election day. In Kentucky, one of the most-watched races in the country is taking place.

Republican Governor Matt Bevin is running for a second term, facing off against democrat and current Attorney General Andy Beshear.

With less than 24 hours until polls open, Andy Beshear and Matt Bevin are on the campaign trail vying for your vote.

President Trump headed to Kentucky to host a campaign rally in the final hours before the state’s crucial election.

The President and Vice President have been actively campaigning on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidates in state races that are getting national attention.

They’ll be watched as an early test of how the impeachment inquiry is playing with voters, as they try to secure support for Governor Bevin.

“Well thank you, Mr. President, for making America great again. And Matt Bevin is making Kentucky great again thanks to your help tonight,” says Senator Mitch McConnell.

Governor Matt Bevin has brought up his relationship with the White House throughout his campaign.

“Tomorrow the people of Kentucky head to the polls and you will vote to reelect your terrific Republican Governor Matt Bevin, he’s done a fantastic job,” says President Trump.

Bevin is locked in a tight race against Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. He has used his alliance with President Trump and the impeachment inquiry to win votes.

“Ask the voters of Kentucky, do they care about this issue,” says Bevin. “They care about this issue. They are offended.

President Trump won the bluegrass state back in 2016, and polling shows voters still support the commander in chief who is in Kentucky rallying support for Governor Matt Bevin. Although, when it comes to the state’s gubernatorial race, it’s anyone’s game.

The president has been praising Bevin and Senator Mitch McConnell saying Bevin is pro-life and pro-second amendment.

At Mondays make America great again rally, President Trump bragged on Bevin saying, “He’s a pain…” but “That’s what you want in a governor.” President Trump also expressed, if democrats were to be elected people, would lose their gun rights.

Trump tweeted support for Bevin saying he “has worked really hard and has done a great job.”

Governor Bevin’s opponent, Attorney General Andy Beshear spent his final campaign day traveling through Western Kentucky, making stops in Paducah, Murray, Hopkinsville, Greenville, Franklin, Bowling Green and finally ended his night in Louisville.

“We are one day from deciding the future of our union families because the haves and the have nots will become the have-mores and never wills under four more years of Matt Bevin,” says Attorney General Andy Beshear.

While Bevin is keeping himself close to the President, vying for a win in Trump country, Beshear is focusing on issues Kentucky is facing.

“This election isn’t what’s going on in the White House, it’s about what’s going on around Kentucky it’s about those kitchen-table issues that our families are worried about,” says Attorney General Beshear.

During Beshear’s #TeamKentucky tour, he was joined by his running mate Jacqueline Coleman and his father, former Governor Steve Beshear.

“We have traveled all day long in this bus with teachers because so much is on the line for them,” says Beshear. “I’m standing here with union families because so much is on the line with them.”

When 44News asked Beshear if he feels as though Bevin’s claim, that he would allow illegal immigrants to swarm Kentucky, was a risk to his own campaign this was his response.

“In Kentucky, we have no sanctuary cities as Attorney General I’ve assured that and I’ve had to certify it to our federal government that we can get federal dollars to fight this drug epidemic,” says Beshear.



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