Ferrell’s Snappy Service to Officially Reopen Next Week

Nine months after a fire gutted their business Ferrell’s Snappy Service is getting ready to reopen for business. Construction is almost finished on the landmark location in Madisonville.

Even though much of the restaurant is new the owners wanted to keep some of the old as well. For the family and for Madisonville its more than just putting bricks back together.

Diner owner Carolyn Ferrell says, “Be kind, be patient. We’re getting really nervous because I think it’ll be a really big occasion. You see the size of this grill. It can only hold so many burgers, patties. So, I know everybody’s excited, we’re excited, but hopefully, over time you’ll get your burger.”

Ferrell’s will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and walk through next week with service starting at 4 p.m. June 14th.



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