FedEx Warns of Text Message Scam

FedEx is warning of a text message scam that’s attempting to obtain credit card information from unsuspecting recipients.

People across the country have received text messages, asking them to open a link that claims to display the shipping status of their FedEx delivery.

Security experts say that the link is fraudulent, and if clicked, would actually take people to a fake Amazon survey that requires them to enter credit card information to claim a “free product.”

Gail Mann is just one of many who received the fake message, but her initial thoughts were, “I don’t have any packages coming, no packages.”

Anyone that has a phone capable of receiving text messages could be a target of the scam.

Justin Duino from ‘’ says that people who click on the link are directed to a fake Amazon customer satisfaction survey. The fake survey offers a free watch or other “free” gifts as a completion reward – asking the user to enter their credit card information to pay for shipping.

Duino went on to explain the details of the scam, saying, “when you dig into it, it’s asking you to sign up for a trial to the company where it will charge you almost $100 per month.”

Security experts say they don’t know who is behind the scam and police in several states are warning people not to fall for it.

FedEx is telling customers, quote, “we do not send unsolicited texts or emails requesting money, package or personal information. Suspicious messages should be deleted without being opened and reported to”

Duino advises that if you don’t know the source and if you don’t trust who the message is coming from, you should not click on any links – and that if you accidentally do, you should immediately exit the link.

While it can be hard to tell the real messages from the fake ones, Duino’s golden rule is “think before you click.”



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